Nick Darnell and Michael Noland are currently organizing the local game jams and maintaining the blog. To contact either of us head over to the Contact page.


The Triangle Game Jam is a gathering of professional and amateur game developers local to the research triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) of North Carolina. The Game Jam occurs over the course of a single weekend, during which the participants attempt to design and implement original video games.

All of the games are expected to conform to a common theme that is decided before the event, although the specific game ideas are typically decided upon once the event starts.

Typically, at the beginning of the event everyone will have a chance to pitch game ideas to the group. After a good number of concepts have been proposed, the group discusses them in order to determine which ones would be the best suited to actually implement. Groups then form around the concepts that seem the most promising.

The flow of the event is not rigid and does not have rules and regulations. It is not competitive, and many participants end up contributing to multiple game projects.


It changes.


It also changes.


With gusto.