GGJ 2014 & Fancy Game Namer

The Global Game Jam is right around the corner, January 24-26. If you’re local to the triangle area make sure to signup for the NC State jam site,

In related news, I took one of our old theme tools for Triangle Game Jams and have turned it into a full blown internet tool to help create game ideas. The Fancy Game Namer, is based on a madlib script we used in the past, we take a bank of nouns, verbs and adjectives and generate names for games. It does a remarkable job at getting you thinking in new directions. No matter what the theme is this year for the GGJ I highly recommend giving it a try.  You’ll find you come up with interesting twists on the GGJ theme, instead of only thinking in terms of literal interpretations.

Last year we took the GGJ 2013 ‘sound of a beating heart’ theme, used the mad lib tool and came up with Undead Man Lover.

Good Luck!

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