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How to play

Drop gems into the board, lining up 3 or more to score points and bonuses. Only the secret color you choose at game start gets you closer to victory; all others are just to keep your opponents guessing. You can flip the current gem between two choices and also have the ability to hide a bomb in the gems you drop. Anyone scoring on a bombed set gets zero points for the entire turn! Just don’t forget where you put it…

First one to 50 points wins!

XBox Controller:
Left analog stick: Move gem dropper left/right
A: Confirm, drop gem, choose GREEN at game start
B: Choose RED at game start
X: Swap gem color, choose BLUE at game start
Y: Choose YELLOW at game start
Right trigger: Hold while pressing A to drop a bomb

Left/Right arrow: Move gem dropper left/right
Enter: Confirm, drop gem
1: Choose RED at game start
2: Choose BLUE at game start
3: Choose GREEN at game start
4: Choose YELLOW at game start
Space: Swap gem color
Shift: Hold while pressing Enter to drop a bomb


  • Chris VanderKnyff – Programming, Design
  • Jeromie Walters Programming, Design
  • Wes Swain – Art, Design
  • Brian Block – Programming, Design
  • Mark Rubianes – Sounds


Full Game with source and assets (GGJ)
Game only (GGJ)
Alternate download (

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