Parasite embodies infinite strategy in an old-school bullet-hell shooter. In Parasite, the gameplay changes as you infect enemy ships. Turn your enemies against each other!

You are a Parasite that leeches off battle ships. Enemies will constantly come in formations to destroy the ship you are occupying. Using the possessed ship, you must defeat your enemies! However, as you leech your ship it slowly dies, you will constantly need to take control of and leech of another ship. With out a ship for protection you are helpless!

  • Switch ships to leech off of or face death!
  • Survive as long as you can, defeating enemies for a high-score!


Parasite Game Jam Team:


Frank Voelker (DragonsDoom)- Parasite mechanics and Library programmer
Marc Stromko (strom1) – Collisions and Optimization
Jonathan Hodges (Flibbo) – GUI and Menus
Alan Ball (arvash) – Bullet Patterns and Enemy AI
Triton Baldwin (Demnchi) – Level Creation and Enemy Formation


Travis Blanks (sonictbgamer) – Menu and Enemy Art, Dedicated
Triton Baldwin (Demnchi) – Level background and some game objects


Free Royalty – Composed by:Stuart Burrows, PRS

Original GGJ page (Download link, etc…).

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