Roller Snake: The Quest for Chili Dogs

Control “Hardy the Hoop Snake, Jr., III, IV, and V” in his quest to eat as many chili dogs as possible while winding through ‘Catastrophe Canyon’

Tilting the Windows Phone helps Hardy the Hoop Snake dodge obstacles through the random level and eat chili dogs. Tilt the phone left or right to move Hardy horizontally. Tilt the phone up and have Hardy form a tighter hoop to go faster. Tilt the phone back to have Hardy unfurl to become a bigger slower hoop than can traverse over some obstacles. The attack will have Hardy whip his tail out to smack any hen in the way.

When playing again you will see that another hoop snake is there, it is a clone from your last playthrough. This hoopsnake will damage you if touched and can pick up powerups before you. The 5 best runs are saved and the scores combined from those runs will be the players ranking score. Those 5 best scores will always be on the track making you dodge them and race them for the powerups and collectibles.

Chris Cooper
Kurt Hasian
Nicholas Allen
Randy Greenback


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