Undead Man Lover

As one of the last humans alive, you need to love you some zombies to save the human race. Revive zombies and help the un-undead escape thru the portal. Since zombies love beating hearts, distract them with yours.

You need the XNA4 redistributable package to play the game:

Unzip UndeadManLover_GameOnly.zip and run UndeadManLover_FullScreen or UndeadManLover_Windowed to love you some zombies!

This game can be played with a keyboard or a gamepad.

Keyboard controls:
Arrow keys – Movement.
Z – Revive the nearest zombie.
X – Repulse nearby zombies.
C – Meditate to calm your heart.

Gamepad controls:
[Left Stick] – Movement.
[A] – Revive the nearest zombie.
[B] – Repulse nearby zombies.
[X] – Meditate to calm your heart.

Spells and running take a toll on your heart.

Michael Noland
Nick Darnell
Kenny Huang
Jonathon Powell

Additional content used under license from:
Antifarea, Artisticdude, CharlesGabriel, Eleazzaar, and Hyptosis (OpenGameArt.org)
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

(for more information on licensing, see the LICENSE.txt file)

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