Global Game Jam on Friday

It’s almost jam time.

Participants are encouraged to arrive starting around 5:00 PM. This will give you time to set up your equipment and meet fellow jammers. When you arrive there will be volunteers available to help you set up and direct you to the proper facilities. Please sign in at this time so we can confirm your arrival at the jam.


The Global Game Jam will be held from 6:00 PM Friday (Jan. 27th) to 5 PM Sunday (Jan. 29th). The event will start promptly at 6 PM with a quick introduction and keynote presentation, followed by pitching ideas, discussion and team building.

This year Joystick Labs will be open the full 48 hours over the weekend. While we appreciate the enthusiasm of all participants we highly encourage people to not attempt to stay up the full 48 hours and go home every night to sleep (honestly, 8 hours of sleep and 12 hours of development will almost always produce more / better stuff than 20 hours of development).

On Sunday, development will end at 3 PM. At this time participants must submit their games. We will finish up the jam with presentations from each team and time to play all the games. We’ll also be glad to help out with video capture if anyone wants to put something up on Youtube/Vimeo. After final presentations, all participants must break down their setup and remove all their equipment promptly from the venue.

Friday 27th
5:00 PM – arrive at Joystick Labs, setup
6:00 PM – introduction and discussion
7:00 PM – development time

Saturday 28th
Full day of development

Sunday 29th
2:30 PM – preparing game submissions
3:00 PM – presentations
4:00 PM – break down


Participants must provide their own computer setup for the Global Game Jam (desktop or notebook). There will be no computers available for people who do not bring their own equipment. Both wired and wireless internet will be available, but there are a limited number of wired spaces available. If you require wired internet, please try to bring a long Ethernet cable for maximum flexibility in seating.


We will have a SVN server setup to use as a source control repository.

People have typically used XNA, Flash, UDK, or Unity in the past. If you already know you have a preference for one, please try to install it and get it setup ahead of time on the machine you intend to bring to the jam. The same goes for artists or musicians with their preferred tools of choice. We also have a list of some other interesting software for jams on the site: Tools and Libraries.

A representative from Microsoft will be around on Friday (maybe thruout the weekend, details TBD) as well to talk about developing for Windows Phone and the Imagine Cup.

Thanks again to all participants and I’ll see you on Friday!

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