Triangle Game Jam 2008


“Mad Libs”

The second Triangle Game Jam took place May 10-11 2008. It was hosted in the office of Emergent Game Technologies. The idea behind the theme was for each participant to come with 3 lists of 5 words each: a list of nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Everyone enters their words in the database and at the beginning of the event we have a script generate a big pile of video game titles that are random combinations of each participants’ words.

Each person picked out a generated game title and pitched the corresponding game concept to the group. It was tough to try to narrow it down to only a few because a lot of good ideas were pitched.

Once again, we chose XNA as a common development platform. Microsoft provided Academic Creator’s Club memberships for those that wanted to port their games to Xbox 360.


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  • Brad Acree
  • Rett Crocker
  • Mike Daly
  • Nick Darnell
  • Jonathan Fischoff
  • Wes Hunt
  • Randy Nash
  • Michael Noland
  • Vincent Scheib
  • Patrick Sebring
  • Bruce Shankle
  • Adrienne Walker


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