Save Your Pets

Guide your humans to your exit while preventing your opponent from doing the same in this competitive Lemmings-style game.

How To Play

Run Walkies.exe (Requires XNA 3.1 GS redistributables)

A game for two players using Xbox controllers, where you try to get your pets home, while preventing the other player’s pets from reaching either home.

You can place or destroy blocks that can help or impede the pets, such as solid squares and ramps.

You can also selectively slow down different colors of pets, or place a death trap that kills indiscriminately.

Each block costs a certain amount of energy to play. The energy meter recharges over time.


(LeftStick) + (A) Move and place selected block
(Bumper Buttons) Switch type of selected block
(START) Pause/unpause gameplay, select in menus
(A) / (B) Select/cancel in menus


Music by Kevin MacLeod (, Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Created at Triangle Game Jam IV (September 4th & 5th, 2010)

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