Weekend of Mass Destruction

Global Game Jam 2011 Page

Your name is Arklon Blutenberg, and this is your first weekend off in 300 years. You have a lot of pent up aggression, a lot of nuclear weapons, a couple cases of beer and 48 hours to destroy as many planets as you possibly can. The overall goal is to cause planets to go completely extinct by sucking the planets dry of resources and nuke-ing them. Once you have destroyed a planet you will then move on to another planet and continue to rain down fire from the heavens. Points will be awarded for destroying targets on the globe and you can use your tractor beam to collect resources.



  • John Abshire – (Design / Art)
  • Frank Voelker – (Project Manager / Programmer)
  • Mike Buckler – (Artist)
  • Jason Walker – (Artist)
  • Travis Wayne Thompkins – (Design / Programmer)
  • Marc Stromko – (Programmer)

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