Pixelated Martini Roller


Fueled only by a continuous supply of booze, one angry olive drunkenly rolls and hops its way through a post-modern landscape in search of truth, love, and cocktail umbrellas.
This game features platformer-style gameplay, a level editor, and a valuable lesson about the power of alcohol.



More Information

The game plays like time attack mode in a classic 2D platformer: you run through the level and need to hit each of the checkpoints along the way to finish. However, you won’t make it very far sober, the olive has to soak in alcohol in order to make some of the jumps. As the olive gets intoxicated, you can jump higher and run faster, but the superpowers come with some downsides: the screen becomes pixelated and the music distorted as the drunk-o-meter fills up. If the olive gets wasted, you actually lose control and cannot accurately jump or run until it sobers up.

IGDA Presentation

Part 1


Part 2


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